Brides Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

Good to know

I am a firm believer in life and work quality provided by discipline, (self) education and the concept of slow. I love to meet and collaborate with persons that are well informed, have a good focus and ability to read and are open minded. If you are interested in my work and wish to collaborate, I would highly appreciate if you would have a minimal knowledge about my label, working process and values.

Finding what's right for you

The essential point is to be sure what design you wish to wear: a custom creation or a ready-to-wear one? A custom creation requires the right mind set, flexibility, a creative heart and appeal for uniqueness. If you prefer the "safety" of not having the surprise factor that custom couture provides, a ready-to-wear or semi-bespoke creation would be the better choice.

What is the difference between a dress and a gown?

A dress is a one piece garment that can be formal or informal. A gown or a frock is a formal garment and consist of one ore more pieces. All gowns are dresses, but not all dresses are gowns.

How many bridal dresses do you create each year?

As I wish to conveniently dedicate my time, passion and work ability to each of my bridal customers, I only take four to five custom orders each year, regardless the season. Nevertheless, I create one of a kind ready- to-wear bridal dresses on a regular basis. They are appreciated by brides that are looking for a unique bridal dress and have a moderate budget.

What sizes are you offering?

I am a one person design atelier and due to specific reasons such as qualified abilities based on my professional formation, I can’t offer a wide variety of sizes. Each body is individual and I am flexible in having to adjust any garment on your shape as well as doing something specific. The range of sizes that I offer is limited from EU 34 to EU 44 for custom wear and EU 36 to EU 42 for ready-to-wear.

What are your prices?

The average working time allocated to a custom bridal dress / gown is 50 – 70h. The final price is individual and consists of four distinct components: materials, labor (machine and hand sewing, pattern construction, fittings), communication (time invested in meetings, texts, suppliers trips) and running costs. Your order price will be calculated fairly after all details are set together, taking the structure above in sight.

A one of a kind dress from my collection costs up to €1800 and includes personal adjustments comprised in one to two fittings.

Preparation before your first appointment

Before you schedule an appointment with me, I highly recommend to make sure that you have a good and realistic understanding of your body type and personal taste. Ahead of our appointment, you can try on favorite dresses, colors, textures. As a freelancer, dividing my time between my atelier and meaningful customer meetings, it is of a great value to meet future brides that are not cruising between my studio and others, feeling unsure and undecided. Allow yourself enough time to find and grow with the right idea and favorite designer.

How far in advance should I start planning my bridal wear?

The best time frame to contact me would be four to seven months in advance. Your body shape can go through changes (pregnancy, weight gain / loss etc.) and it's important to feel ready in all regards.

Do I have to pay for my first appointment?

For custom services: your initial appointment will be scheduled for 45 minutes to one hour and is at no cost. I also offer a second appointment for up to 45 minutes at no cost. Should you wish to come in for a third or subsequent 45 minute appointment, there is a €70 consultation fee which is payable at the time of booking. If you decide to go for my services the fee will be deducted from your final payment (you will receive an invoice). If you don't wish to go for my services, the sum is non refundable.

For ready-to-wear fittings: your initial appointment will be scheduled for 45 minutes to one hour and is at no cost. Should you wish to come again and try your favorite designs, there is a €40 flat rate payable at the time of booking (deductible from the acquisition price or non-refundable if you will not purchase any dress).

Any appointment canceled after confirming via text and/or with less than 48 hours notice, will be counted as an appointment, and should you wish to make another fitting time, you may be required to pay a consultation fee, according to the appointment fee structure policy.

Can I bring someone to my appointments?

For custom services: for the first appointment and first fitting I only wish to meet you. It is essential that you feel secure about your wishes and my services. At our following appointments and final fittings, if you wish, you can bring along one person that you trust.

For ready-to-wear fittings: I suggest to limit the guest list to no more than one guest whose style and opinion you value.

What should I bring to my first fitting?

Please bring skin color undergarments and the pair of shoes you plan to wear on your wedding day to ensure the hemline and bodice are fitted properly. As mentioned above, please no guests at the first fitting.

How many fittings will I need?

Two or three fittings are typically required. However, more fittings will be scheduled if necessary. With some exceptions, I can travel to your city / country. A  “out of atelier fitting” fee of €75 / Austria wide and €150 in Europe and all costs regarding the transportation and accommodation (if necessary) will be covered by you.

Do you offer refunds or cancellations?

My partners and I, do not accept returns and/or refunds for any reason; this includes the 60% deposit and the garments if a bride decides not to pursue the dress, wedding, and/or dissolve the contract.

Do you accept wedding invitations?

Each invitation honors me and I thank everyone that is thinking to invite me on such a special day but I do not attend wedding events. Nevertheless, if you book me in advance, I offer a “preparations package” on the wedding day where I meticulously iron the gown and help you dress it accurately. The procedure takes 2 – 3h and the cost is calculated according to the labor time and distance from my atelier.