MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2019

Last Sunday evening, on the 15th of September 2019, I presented a selection of 20 outfits in front of an amazing audience during Vienna Fashion Week. As some of you already know, my label offers three "occasion lines" (casual, formal & bridal); for this presentation I picked two bridal dresses and an array of designs from the Pearl's Orangery formal line. Some outfits were adorned with headpieces (created by me as well) and jewelry created by one of the most beautiful jewelry designers that I know, Leonie Galen.

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Master Tailoring

Tailoring, custom dressmaking, pattern making and sewing are basic aspects of constructing clothes. Knowing the types of textile fibers, their structure and composition and the working tools is mandatory. Fashion design is a distinct but interconnected profession. I studied fashion design and pursue it since almost 14 years as a primary profession; in parallel, along the years, I’ve learned from different sources the complete process from sketch to finished garment. During my hiatus two years ago, I decided that I would like to achieve more and get a degree in master tailoring.

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Spring Salon

Last Autumn, I was contacted by my friend and colleague, event planner Jeannette-Renée Mang with the tempting proposal to organize together with costume jewelry designer Mascha Lina Borodin, an event celebrating the International Women's Day by presenting a selection of our craft and art.

Jeannette is the creative soul and manager behind Bellas Vienna, a small, exclusive shoes label selling handcrafted Italian mules. The Spring Salon event marks the label's official launch and I feel proud that I have the chance to join such a special anniversary. Mascha Lina creates since 2012 luxury costume jewelry, with a focus on earrings. I love her designs and creative capacity, she is absolutely fascinating.

The Spring Salon will offer me the opportunity to show you a selection of my leather handbags, dresses and hair adornments designs - a curated assortment of pieces that I adore.

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My Fashion Photographed In One Of The Most Beautiful Memorial Houses In Bucharest

Dr. George Severeanu Museum, located in a 19th century palazzino, is the former residence of doctor George Severeanu (1879 - 1939) and his wife Maria.

I’ve discovered this gem during a museum spree in my hometown, Bucharest, on May 10th, 2018. On that day, I took the occasion, during “The Long Night of Museums”, to visit five small museums, each of them providing me with inspiration and enriching my perspective, be it artistically, culturally or educationally.

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Slow Fusion

Slow Living Hungary” is a non-governmental organization with the fundamental mission to strengthen and spread the value-based way of thinking in the pulsating everyday life of modern people. It is focusing on four main areas: Slow Travel, Slow Art and Culture, Slow Food Movement and Farm & Urban Life. When the invitation arrived, through my friend Silia, to attend one of their events, I was absolutely thrilled as I am a fond and true believer in the value of having a slower life in all aspects.

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Julia von Bohem

Julia von Bohem (née Julia Spidusova) first e-mailed me end of June last year with just a question and warm regards, being interested if I am looking for models. I usually get collaboration requests by models, photographers, fashion interns, make-up artists quite frequently, so I wasn't surprised. I asked her for some recent photos and I loved to discover that she is an artist - always a strong inspiration to my work. We scheduled a fitting for autumn, after my sabbatical break, and from then on I started to put together a photo shoot concept that would best depict her charm & joy wearing my designs and her classical piano playing. I chose dresses and headpieces that would bring an unexpected relaxed air, not losing the classic spirit that I so much adore.

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Interviewed by World Traveller Magazine

A couple of days ago I've received, with a lot of enthusiasm, the November issue of World Traveller magazine, featuring Vienna, for which I was interviewed at the recommendation of Silia Eleftheriadou, the lovely photographer and blogger behind

World Traveller magazine was launched in 2005 and is part of HOT Media Publishing. It is the Middle East’s biggest and best source of travel inspiration, it enjoys unique, independently audited distribution to the region's most frequent travelers, including those in Saudi Arabia. It focuses on luxury travel, with tips, holiday ideas and in-depth destination features written for those with a sense of adventure.

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2018 - My Year's Review

I like to see my 2018 as obtaining, in one time-frame, all the key puzzle pieces that I prayed for, worked hard for, hoped and dreamed for since about seven years ago. Before that time, I subconsciously channeled my energy into learning, discovering, growing, exploring, building up the person that would one day reach the clarity and maturity to ask from God, from life, everything that I received today. 2019 will be a year of appreciation and, equally important, carefully putting all the puzzle pieces together in the frame. A structure that will define not only my future years, but my existence.

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Schmuck Skulptur #2

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to be invited by my creative friend Izabella Petrut to visit her during Schmuck Skulptur event organized at Nordbahnhalle. I loved to see, admire and closely feel jewellery designs of 20 selected local artists such Elisabeth Habig, Konstanze Prechtl, Verena Krems or mysouldesign.

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“Pearl” is part of my line “Pearl’s Orangery”, which I slowly started to develop over the last year. It features formal and semi-formal occasion attire designed for fresh autumn and spring months. The result represents my personal artistic interpretation of a fusion of the contemporary Scandinavian “Hygge” approach and the neo-classical Gustavian style, both of which I am equally inspired by since many years.

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Seams & Chronicles Archive

Since some of you have been asking me lately: my previous Seams & Chronicles platform on will remain active and serves as an archive to my 400 articles that I wrote for the past seven years. I decided to move here, to keep better track of my online work and regardless the small “bugs” that sometimes has (photos keep disappearing), I absolutely enjoyed using it.

Here is the link to the archive:


A ten day escape to Gozo Island was exactly what I needed, after an insanely intense work schedule before and during the Fashion Week. Malta welcomed us with everything we knew it will offer and were longing for: a warm salty breeze, solar energy, beautiful country and sea side views, calmness.

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MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2018

The Fashion Week ended four days ago and while I am sitting on our holiday garden suite’s terrace, I fondly recollect images and impressions from a week full of high spirits, new & familiar faces, lots of talks, fashion and design.

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My Sabbatical Story

Sabbatical or a sabbatical (from Hebrew: shabbat (שבת) (i.e., Sabbath), in Latin: sabbaticus, in Greek: sabbatikos (σαββατικός), literally a “ceasing") is a rest from work, or a break, often lasting from one month to a year.

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