Julia von Bohem

Julia von Bohem (née Julia Spidusova) first e-mailed me end of June last year with just a question and warm regards, being interested if I am looking for models. I usually get collaboration requests by models, photographers, fashion interns, make-up artists quite frequently, so I wasn't surprised. I asked her for some recent photos and I loved to discover that she is an artist - always a strong inspiration to my work. We scheduled a fitting for autumn, after my sabbatical break, and from then on I started to put together a photo shoot concept that would best depict her charm & joy wearing my designs and her classical piano playing. I chose dresses and headpieces that would bring an unexpected relaxed air, not losing the classic spirit that I so much adore.

I approached artist photographer Aaron Jiang, knowing that a big part of his work is represented by portraits of musicians during concerts or smaller sessions and I was overjoyed that he accepted to join the project! Maria Caminneci is a talented, well experienced make-up artist and when I told her about Julia's resemblance to Diana Krall, she melted of pleasure and gladly came along.

Julia organised the location - an absolutely stunning 18th century Viennese building, Haus Fernolendt, where, in the 19th century, poet Marie von Ebner Eschenbach lived. One of its impressive salons hosts a gorgeous piano and we are so grateful that the owner was kind to offer us the allowance to use everything we needed.

I am absolutely delighted with the result, it is exactly what I’ve envisioned and I am so pleased that Julia took the first step to contact me and feel inspired by my work.

Below, a sample of our result, more, you can see on my website.