Portraits by Silia Eleftheriadou

I kept this set of portraits in my goodies "box" for a few months now. I like them so much, that I wanted to find the right time to share them with you! After a busy summer and start of autumn, looking at these photos now, I feel an influx of blooming scents and charm <3

Mascha, our model, came first to my mind when I started to conceive the concept: soft, alluring and graceful portraits. We previously worked together in a few occasions and she's so well organized and enthusiastic about my designs that I completely adore her.

Silia Eleftheriadou is the mind, body and soul behind The Viennese Girl, one of Austria's most successful lifestyle and travel photography blogs. When I discovered that she has a fondness for a classic and natural fashion photographic style, I asked her, if she would like to join, bringing my concept to life. We were a great team and savoured every minute of the 2h shoot.

Paulina Moldovan is one of the four hair & make-up artists that I work with on a constant basis. She is always in great spirits and loves to work as much on artistic projects as on customers.

My former studio was our playground and Dolls Blumen enriched our surrounding, thank you!

Fully enjoy our result! :)

More photos, here.