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Welcome & Willkommen

Thank you for stopping by! Since 2006 I’m permanently working as a freelance fashion and bridal designer in Vienna, Austria. My website will lead you through my recent and past collections, projects, press articles and contact information. If you wish to know more about my professional background, inspiration behind my work and the label's concept please read the About chapter. If you wish to see, try on or buy any current item, check the See & Buy chapter for all the addresses. There you will also find information regarding my prices.

You are welcomed to visit my atelier, please drop me a line with your preferred date and time and I’ll get to you with a confirmation as soon as possible!

Danke für Deinen Besuch! Seit 2006 arbeite ich permanent als unabhängige Fashion- und Brautmodedesignerin in Wien, Österreich. Meine Website führt Dich durch meine aktuellen und vergangenen Kollektionen, Projekte und Presseberichte. Solltest Du mehr über meinen professionellen Hintergrund, mein Label und meine Inspiration wissen wollen, lies bitte das Kapitel About, solltest Du eines meiner aktuellen Stücke sehen, anprobieren oder kaufen wollen, wirf bitte einen Blick auf das Kapitel See & Buy, dort findest Du auch eine allgemeine Übersicht meiner Preise.

Gerne bist Du in mein Atelier eingeladen, schreib mir, gerne auch auf Deutsch, einfach ein paar Zeilen mit einem Wunschtermin und ich werde Dir schnellstmöglich eine Bestätigung zukommen lassen!


I Am Leonie

The story

Leonie is a freelance jewellery designer that loves and enjoys her life. Working in a creative field complements her character and helps to bring her inspirations to life. She knows how to appreciate good music, art, fashion, design and food. She is very selective when it comes to her working and private environment and feels confident and relaxed in outfits that match her personality and her jewellery designs. Having a busy, active social life, she is very organized and likes to dress well and appropriately in every situation.
Fabrics used: linen, cottons, silk, lace, wool, leather

Leonie invites you to join her on a summer’s day:
(Click on the cover to launch the photobook)

I Am Leonie

You can also have a look at the expanded photobook.

Photos & Video: Claire Morgan, Model: Alexandra Silagyi, Hair & Make-up: feengleich / Carina Bauer-Unzeitig, Jewellery: Charity Akuma, Shoes: APRIME Shoes, Interior & Landscape Design: Susanne & Piet Payer, Provence Decorative Objects: Plein Sud, Food Decoration: Susanne Payer, Photo Shoot Assistant: Maria P., Photo Shoot Assistant: Piet Payer, Photobook Design & Photo p. 56: Nam Luos


Ruffled Romance

Capsule Collection No. 1 — 5 handmade designs

Ruffles in different forms are the main element in Patricia’s capsule collection. They are charming, flowy and playful: a delightful way to feel romantic.

Photos: Danielle Cassar, Model: Rachel Gauci, Hair & Make-up: Richline Testa, Support & Assistance: Bridgette & Ruben Collins, Mario Cassar, Location: Mdina, Malta



To directly jump to galleries and detailed information, please use the following links:

“Gentle Fairies & The Golden Flowers”
“Gentle Fairies & The Golden Flowers” Formal
(Hochzeitskleider/Konfektion für das Standesamt)
Bridal Jackets
“The Custom Line”
(Hochzeitskleider auf Maß)


Gentle Fairies & The Golden Flowers

My line Gentle Fairies & The Golden Flowers is designed to quote traditional elements of the Romanian mythological celebration of Sânziene. Every dress is conceived to carry the grace, slender and angelic features of these gentle fairies.

Gentle Fairies & The Golden Flowers

More about GF & GF


Gentle Fairies & The Golden Flowers

GF & GF Formal features a unique interpretation of the authentic Romanian folklore and traditions of Provence, France. The mix between the two cultures is blended by my vision of romance, cleanness and delicacy.

“Gentle Fairies & The Golden Flowers” Formal

More about GF & GF Formal


Bridal Jackets

My Bridal Jackets line offers designs, that are made to bring caress, style and grace to your bridal outfit.

Bridal Jackets

More about Bridal Jackets


The Custom Line

My custom bridal line includes the complete manufacturing process of custom-fitted couture bridal gowns. It offers fit and fabrics advisory, exclusive design, customized pattern construction, bespoke tailoring, hand-executed sewing techniques, hand crafts, high-end fabrics and embroideries.

The Custom Line

More about The Custom Line



I offer customized silk flowers and lace headpieces, veils and handbags.
If you have a special idea or like any of my designs, contact me for more information!


More about Accessories


My Testimony

The wedding is one of the most important events of our adulthood life. Being once a bride is the only time in your life to have the supreme limelight and absolute attention from your loved ones (parents, future husband, siblings, best friends) in moments of joy and emotions. Sure, there are wonderful and intimate moments as well such as becoming a mother but those will never compete on a personal, inner level in relation to your family and best friends. Your children will take their attention and you will then focus on other priorities.

Make the best of your wedding day and the time that precedes it. Feel special and important because you are! Don’t accept compromises and follow your own nature, close your eyes and try to visualize the best of you. A true you: unique, kind and natural. The woman that your future husband decided that he wants to spend his life with …

Don’t wear a mask or overload yourself with many ornaments or adornments and don’t try to imitate pseudo princesses, bring out your own spark, love and grace; feel blissful and eternal!

I love everything that feels and looks genuine because this is how Love is. Wrap your Love with Respect and you will be the most precious bride. If you share the same apprehension, I will feel honoured to be with you on every step of the creative process.




Cozy Travel Bags

The idea for this collection came to my mind after travelling a lot in the last months. I was always in the need for a pretty, cozy, shoulder bag, big enough to store and carry my laptop, books, documents, sketches, chargers. Another problem was, that I didn’t have a cosmetic bag in which I can place the products in a standing position. After many working hours on the concept and manufacturing, I am happy that I've managed to put together this collection, it’s exactly what I wanted.
All Joëlle bags are hand-made from high quality tapestry fabrics, prices start at EUR 45,— for a cosmetic bag and EUR 80,— for a travel bag. Customized bags available by request.

Photos: Werner Himmelbauer, Photographer’s Assistant: Julia Geiter, Model: Graziela Bejan, Hair & Make-up: Kamila Rudel, Location: Werner Himmelbauer Photo Studio


Past Collections


Cinéma d'hiver · Cinéma en plein air · Sublime
Selected items of my past collections might still be available. If you are interested in a specific model, please contact me.



Valeska · Bourg · Jaz · Artisan
Selected items of my past collections might still be available. If you are interested in a specific model, please contact me.

Patricia Vincent

About Patricia Vincent

“My designs most important attribute is that they ‘travel’ more than one season without being considered out of trends; they never follow them or what’s ‘in fashion’.”

I was born in Bucharest, Romania and live in Vienna, Austria since 2002. Two years after my arrival in Austria I started my studies in fashion design and tailoring (HLMW9, Landesinnung Wien der Mode und Bekleidungstechnik, an internship Temsamani Couture) and in the autumn of 2006 I decided to open my own atelier. Ever since, I still dedicate time on studying and discovering new or old approaches and techniques in works of art, tailoring and design.
 I work on my own, I love everything that connects with my work and working space, it all perfectly blends with my personal life, so I feel lucky to have a profession that feels so close to my heart. I like to be fully involved in the creation, production and merchandising processes; every item goes through my mind, heart and hands. As my atelier is pretty small and I can’t always cope with the amount of work, I sometimes outsource some production steps; always making sure to get the result I'm aiming for.
 My inspiration comes from my travels, music, dreams, moods, nature, smells, flavours, art expressions, muses, shapes, fabrics …
 The design composition that defines my work is a blend between the cleanness and understatement of the Scandinavian design, the artistry of the Parisian allure and the Romanian ballads that are so unique and charming.
 My designs most important attribute is that they “travel” more than one season without being considered out of trends; they never follow them or what’s “in fashion”.
 I’m in love with high quality fabrics and materials such as silks, cottons, natural viscose, leather, wools, lace, fringes, buttons and embroideries. Using them I am aware that they are essential in providing a feeling of high value, embrace, respect towards your skin, a good fit and a beautiful appearance.

The label: Timeless. Epic. Graceful. Subtle. Defined. Unexpected.

These are the landmarks that I follow in the process of my design work. My brand’s concept constitutes my feelings, emotions, visions, messages I wish to communicate, my own interpretation of graceful but powerful. My work is addressed to women that appreciate natural products, good quality, craftsmanship, freedom, poetry.
 The manufacture takes place mostly in Austria and when needed in Romania, where a couple of skilled master tailors perfectly put together my ideas and visions. The majority of the items are made personally by me or I carefully follow the production process in my partner’s ateliers (pattern construction and sewing). Each collection is made either in limited series or entirely by one of a kind pieces.
 My work is divided into three lines:
PV Traditional (signature collections of day & evening wear), PV Handbags and PV Bridal (custom dresses & signature collections).


Custom Design
for Corporations

Patricia Vincent offers costume design services for advertising and marketing projects in the creative industry — photography, video production, stage design and event concept.

see & learn more


Projects & Events

Fashion Presentation
‘Get dressed for Europe’, Anker-Expedithalle, Vienna (May 2014)

Sales Exhibition
‘A Fashion Day’, Das Studio im 2ten, Vienna (March 2014)

Fashion Presentation
BrautSache, Vienna (Feb. 2014)

Sales Exhibition
Wedding Affairs, Vienna (Oct. 2013)

Presentation “Valeska”
Schnittbogen First Anniversary, Vienna (April 2013)

Launch/Presentation “Valeska”
Vienna (Dec. 2012)

Fashion Presentation
The Villa, Vienna (March 2012)

Fashion Show and Presentation
Romanian Embassy, Vienna (March 2012)

Video “Mr. Right”
Collaboration with Christiana Uikiza (Feb. 2012)

Christmas Shopping
with Charity Akuma and Fröhlich, Vienna (Dec. 2012)

Fashion Presentation
Schnittbogen Opening, Vienna (April 2012)

Sales Exhibition
Schloss Hernstein, Lower Austria (Dec. 2011)

Exclusive Collection
for Molecule F, Bucharest (since Sept. 2011)

Sales Exhibition
Schloss Hernstein, Lower Austria (Dec. 2010)

Sales Exhibition
Collaboration with Tragwaren, Vienna (Dec. 2010)

Sales Exhibition
MQ Vienna Fashion Week 10, Vienna (Sept. 2010)

Sales Exhibition and Co-Organizer
V&N Christmas Market, Vienna (Nov. — Dec. 2009)

Sales Exhibition and Vernissage
Designer Werkstatt, Ungargasse 45, Vienna (Nov. 2009, Oct. 2009)

Sales Exhibition (Sept. 2009)
La Donna — Messe für die Frau, Vienna

Sales Exhibition
“Lebendige Lerchenfelder Straße”, Vienna (May 2009)

Founder and Manager
V&N (promoting young artists), Vienna (2008/2009)

Participator and Fashion Show
10th Designpfad, Vienna (May 2008)

Sales Exhibition and Vernissage
“Adventzauber”, Karl Inführ KG, Klosterneuburg (Dec. 2007)

Sales Exhibition and Vernissage
“Kürbis goes sparkling!”, Karl Inführ KG, Klosterneuburg (Nov. 2007)

Fashion Show
Pickwick's, Vienna (Dec. 2006)

And various fashion shows (organization / collection presentations)



A selection of press clippings and social media appearances

The Vienna Fashion Observatory, 09.07.04 One Brown Crafter, 11.09.15 Story Book, 11.12 Unica, 11.12 The Fashion Globe, 12.03.14 Hot News, 12.03.25 Romanian Embassy, Vienna, 12.03.28 APA-OTS, 12.03.29 The Microsoft Network, 12.03.30 Relevant – Best of Media, 12.03.30 Cockaigne, 12.03 The Microsoft Network, 12.04.03 Heute, 12.04.20 We Love Handmade, 12.04.24 EcoBIZ, 12.04 Die Frau, 12.07.14 Hochzeitswahn - Sei Inspiriert, 2013 Hochzeitswahn, 13.02.04 H.anna, 13.04.13 We Love Handmade, 13.04.22 Heute, 13.04.23 Adevărul, 13.06.25 Ziare, 13.07.15 Hochzeitsguide, 13.09.27 Wedding Affairs, 13.10 Woman Wedding, 13.10.04 Hochzeitsguide, 13.10.21 Wedding Sparrow, 13.10.21, 13.12.09 Hochzeitsguide, 14.01.02 Hochzeitsguide, 14.01.03 Hochzeitsguide, 14.01.04 Hochzeit, 14.01.04 Humming Heartstrings, 14.01.13 Weddinggawker, 14.03.10 Elite, No. 1, 2014 Hochzeitsguide, 14.04.05 Hochzeitswahn, 14.04.25 Hochzeitsguide, 14.05.01 Hochzeitsguide, 14.05.02 Biber, May 2014


See & Buy / Prices / Contact

Personal appointment

As a one person company I unfortunately cannot offer fixed opening hours — but if you are interested in my work, I will be very happy to welcome you to my atelier. Simply write me a short e-mail or give me a call at +43 699 10711189 for your personal appointment!


My prices depend on the complexity of the pattern, the materials used and the amount of work I have to invest in a specific design. To give you an estimation, here is the approximate price range for some of my products:

The starting prices for my PV Traditional line (European sizes 34 — 42) are:
Summer jackets are starting from EUR 150, winter jackets from EUR 240, day time dresses from EUR 140, evening dresses from EUR 290 (short) and EUR 400 (long).

My PV Handbags line includes a broad variety of designs, a small clutch/necessaire starts at EUR 45, a tote or shoulder bag at EUR 75.

As for my bridal line, PV Bridal, a custom gown starts at EUR 1200 (excl. the fabrics), a formal dress starts at EUR 380 and a Gentle Fairies & The Golden Flowers dress starts at EUR 490. Options include all the fabrics and fit in European sizes 34 — 40.

Please let me know if you wish additional or specific pricing information! Any custom request, such as different colours, fabrics, sizes, could possibly be fulfilled!

Buy online

Selected items you can always purchase in my online shop, or on Nelou – Best of Independent Style, as well as — exclusively for Romania — at Molecule F.

The atelier

My atelier is located in the neighbourhood of Sievering in Vienna (Sieveringer Str. 18, 1190 Wien), which is actually quite easy to reach, also by public transport (bus 39A, tram 38, metro railway S45).

Follow me on my blog & my facebook profile

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Catherine's Cottages, Romantic Self-catering Cottages —


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