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My Bridal Showroom

You will find my bridal showroom in Vienna's central 9th district, in Fuchsthallergasse 3, conveniently to be reached by car and multiple bus, tramway and metro lines.

My Atelier

My atelier is located in Sieveringer Straße 18 (Vienna's 19th district), easy to be reached by car and public transport (bus 39A, tram 38, metro railway S45).

Prices Overview

My prices depend on the complexity of the pattern, the materials used and the amount of work I to invest in a specific design. To give you an estimation, here is the approximate price range for some of my products.

The starting prices for my PV Traditional line (European sizes 34 — 42) are: summer jackets from EUR 210, winter jackets from EUR 340, day time dresses from EUR 240, evening dresses from EUR 490 (short) and EUR 650 (long), ball gowns from EUR 1100 .

My PV Handbags line includes a broad variety of designs, a small clutch/necessaire starts at EUR 85, a tote or shoulder bag at EUR 175.

As for my bridal line, PV Bridal, a custom gown starts at EUR 1600 (excl. fabrics and accessories), a formal wedding dress starts at EUR 460 and a Gentle Fairies & The Golden Flowers dress starts at EUR 680. 

Please let me know if you wish additional or specific pricing information! Any custom request, such as different colours, fabrics, sizes, could possibly be fulfilled!