Hills & Blooms

Beautifully manicured English gardens, authentic country architecture in Cotswolds, Wachau and Tuscany are my inspirational sources for “Hills & Blooms”. Nature’s sounds; rich, scented flowers; fruity flavoured wines and a warm breeze are epitomized in these designs. Formal attire designed to be worn at lavish garden weddings, tea parties and banquets is offered in an assortment of options. “Hills & Blooms” is an on-going project, as I will continue to design dresses, separates and headpieces for these remarkable occasions.

Photography: Leonardo Ramirez – www.leonardoramirez.com
Jewellery: Letizia Plankensteiner – www.letizia.at
In-house model: Ines Marie
Hair & Make-up: Valentina Burigo – www.valentinaburigo.com
Landscape design: Susanne Payer
Location: private property, Austria