Better things need time


Each of my designs is slow-made in Vienna, one of a kind and carries the qualities of a soothing and elegant comfort.

I don’t follow trends, automated fashions or what’s “in”, I only follow my own emotions and thoughts on how I feel that my work can bring a positive physical and mental perception to its wearer.

As an artist, I have the thorough understanding that as individuals we have a particular, unique silhouette and although we might share the same style perception, we need to comfortably fit in our garments. Therefore, I personally offer semi-bespoke services on all my designs — fittings, adjustments and alterations.

I do believe that good quality should be the norm and not a luxury. My prices are fair and purely based on the materials used, my work expertise, amount of labor invested and running costs — I would never speculate any commercial situation, I don’t collaborate with high commission partners, neither offer discounts.

I created my online showroom to present my work like in a digital window, so that you can get in touch with my designs, sizes and prices.

Any item that you like, you can order to see it, try it and buy it at my studio. I will personally meet you and offer you the time to see my work closer. You can fill in the contact form and I will return to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your appreciation!