The Golden Spindle

The Golden Spindle is a collection of twelve dresses, that belongs to my bridal line Gentle Fairies and The Golden Flowers. Each collection in my signature line represents an interpretation of the traditional Romanian fairy tale of Sânziane, translating elements and themes of the traditional fable into timeless dresses. My inspiration for The Golden Spindle collection arose from my fascination for Sânziane’s dainty appearance (light spindles of wind during the day, they turn into fairies in the night; with golden hair and white steam dresses they’re dancing in the gardens, moving from one place to another, singing in the air with harmonious voices, unheard before) and the fairytale Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle written by the Grimm Brothers (published in 1843). The spindle is a traditional Romanian crafts object, well established and popular in the rural culture. Each dress of The Golden Spindle collection reflects the skillfulness and creativity of the artist, while the romantic and feminine personality of each item shows a strong connection to nature and folklore. The location for the collection shoot perfectly complemented the collection’s concept: in the fairy tales land of Wachau Valley, Lower Austria, the ruined castle of Burgruine Aggstein was the ideal setting.

Photography: Belle & Sass
Model: Melina, Body & Soul
Hair & Make-up: Valentina Burigo
Flowers: Florietta Meisterfloristik
Organisation & promotion: Tina Hinterleitner
Concept: Patricia Vincent
Location: Burgruine Aggstein, Austria