2018 - My Year's Review

I like to see my 2018 as obtaining, in one time-frame, all the key puzzle pieces that I prayed for, worked hard for, hoped and dreamed for since about seven years ago. Before that time, I subconsciously channeled my energy into learning, discovering, growing, exploring, building up the person that would one day reach the clarity and maturity to ask from God, from life, everything that I received today.

2019 will be a year of appreciation and, equally important, carefully putting all the puzzle pieces together in the frame. A structure that will define not only my future years, but my existence.

What this year truly convinced me is, that we can physically and mentally shape our being. We are the answer to our prayers (and in my case, additionally, my mother's and grandparents divine support)... we receive what we sincerely ask God, He always listens; we obtain what we truly believe in and genuinely give everything to make it happen. There will always be mistakes, pain, sweat, tears, blood and even death. I learned to cope and see beyond that as there will always be an end but there is no end to our soul.

Put an end to everything you consider less than good in order to keep the good and excellent on a continuous presence. Amaze yourself by discovering everything that God created: from You to the world around you! Be kind, thankful and graceful - always remember that we are and have the gift.

Have a Wonderful 2019! xx