MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2018

The Fashion Week ended four days ago and while I am sitting on our holiday garden suite’s terrace, I fondly recollect images and impressions from a week full of high spirits, new & familiar faces, lots of talks, fashion and design.

At my presentation corner I showed selected pieces from my two lines “The Garden Suite” & “Pearl’s Orangery” (I will write about each line in a separate post), leather works and silver creations. As soon as my admission was granted, mid of June, I began working on new designs and didn’t stop sewing until the fair started. It was an intense summer with many 15h working days and, now, I am honestly proud that I achieved everything that I planned and considered.

Below, a selection of photos from my corner and other fashion designers runway shows. I thank everyone that visited me and showed interest, support and appreciation; I highly welcome your enthusiasm and care!

A special Thank You! to my husband, Izabella Petrut and Michelle Mock for their unconditional, honest and delightful support!



A few photos from the shows: