My Fashion Photographed In One Of The Most Beautiful Memorial Houses In Bucharest

Dr. George Severeanu Museum, located in a 19th century palazzino, is the former residence of doctor George Severeanu (1879 - 1939) and his wife Maria.

I’ve discovered this gem during a museum spree in my hometown, Bucharest, on May 10th, 2018. On that day, I took the occasion, during “The Long Night of Museums”, to visit five small museums, each of them providing me with inspiration and enriching my perspective, be it artistically, culturally or educationally.

Dr. George Severeanu Museum was the fourth on my list, and as soon as I entered, I felt fascinated by its eclectic architecture, tasteful restoration works and contemporary interior elements gracefully, blended with the original baroque pieces. My admiration continued, when I discovered the artifacts collections, such as Greek pottery, Roman glassware, Geto-Dacian, Celtic, Roman and Byzantine coins & jewelleries. In one chamber, live mandolin chords were transforming the ambiance into a soft embrace… In these moments an idea formed, what if I could incorporate my own art into all this beauty?

Six months later, on a freezing Sunday morning, I took the courage, entered the museum and I asked the museum's curator if I may speak to the director: I felt so welcomed and taken seriously! I expressed my intense fondness with everything this place represented and dared to speak about my dream, too.

After I’ve sent a letter of intention the next day, my art project was signed off and approved. Unfortunately, the photographer I first contacted, a week before, wasn't impressed and dropped the project. But an artist photographer was quickly recommended to me by a well-connected virtual friend of mine, and so, in the end, everything was set!

On the day of the photo-shoot, by chance, the museum was closed for the public. Still, the staff accommodated us with great hospitality and supported us in every possible way. I felt remarkably fortunate and proud to be able to work in such an inspiring environment, where every corner has a story - and although I spent 5 hours there, I couldn't get enough of it! The dark wood tones dominate the "official” spaces, such as the offices, library or living room. While the large salon and tea salon, both in Louis XV style, are characterized by cheerful colours and gilded decorations. The consolidation, preservation, restoration and modernization works were carried out between 2004 and 2008. Absolutely everything, including the family's collection of over 12.000 items, was donated by Dr. and Mrs Severeanu (they didn't have children) to the state and is now part of its patrimony. The memorial house is protected 24 hours a day by a designated state officer, as it has an inestimable value, that I warmly recommend seeing, it's so worth it!

Below, I gathered some photos with a selection of my couture hair adornments from my latest project “Les Fleurs De La Muse”, more photographs you can find on my website.

A big Thank You! to Adriana Pughin, Andreea Cătineanu and Mădălina Barbu. A special Thank You! to Mr. Vasile Opris, Sabina Ulubeanu, Mircea Goia and the museum's staff.

Team credits, below.

Photography: Adriana Pughin
Model: Mădălina Barbu
Hair & Make-up: Andreea Cătuneanu
Location: Dr. George Severeanu Museum, Bucharest