Master Tailoring

Tailoring, custom dressmaking, pattern making and sewing are basic aspects of constructing clothes. Knowing the types of textile fibers, their structure and composition and the working tools is mandatory. Fashion design is a distinct but interconnected profession. I studied fashion design and pursue it since almost 14 years as a primary profession; in parallel, along the years, I’ve learned from different sources the complete process from sketch to finished garment. During my hiatus two years ago, I decided that I would like to achieve more and get a degree in master tailoring. The best solution was to enroll at one of the most traditional schools in Romania, my homeland, because of its great reputation and the possibility to learn and study in my mother language. It is not easy to commute from Vienna to Bucharest on a constant basis and stay for one month at a time, so I can't believe that I actually succeeded! The whole experience was mind blowing, definitely exhausting and draining, but absolutely an excellent decision and great accomplishment.

UCECOM or The School of Arts and Crafts "Spiru Haret" was established in 1952 and continues until our days to hold the top position in delivering the best qualifying studies in handicraft professions. I felt absolutely blessed to have an amazing teacher that is part of this school for almost 45 years and a group of colleagues that were kind, smart and tranquil - offering each other the best grounds to learn and achieve new insights and skills.

I am also glad that I got the permission to take a set of photos, giving an impression of an usual day at our atelier and I hope that it will inspire you to pursue your desires and dreams. No professional path is easy, but at the end, when you will succeed reaching your goals, the taste of joy and progress is absolutely uplifting! <3