MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2019

Last Sunday evening, on the 15th of September 2019, I presented a selection of 20 outfits in front of an amazing audience during Vienna Fashion Week. As some of you already know, my label offers three "occasion lines" (casual, formal & bridal); for this presentation I picked two bridal dresses and an array of designs from the Pearl's Orangery formal line. Some outfits were adorned with headpieces (created by me as well) and jewelry created by one of the most beautiful jewelry designers that I know, Leonie Galen.

If you might wonder, I purposely decided to open the show with a bridal dress, as in my view, a special dress should not be limited to a wedding celebration only.

An aspect that received immense positive feedback, were my guest models. I am a keen supporter of beauty and grace regardless of any norm, standard or trend. This statement was embraced by the organizers, who accepted my desire, to bring on the catwalk four women that I admire. Agnes Nebehay is a very talented Austrian photographer artist, I admire the way she sees her subjects and the creative thoughts behind her photos. Nevertheless, her classic beauty is a pure source of inspiration. Journalist, university lecturer and "Let's Cee" Film Festival director Magdalena Żelasko, born in Poland, was also amongst my guest models. Her romantic beauty and passion for art and life are so noticeable. Johanna Pal, born in Hungary, studies and works as a professional model in Austria (represented by Body & Soul agency) and international. We collaborated on two other occasions and I am fascinated by her calmness, work ethics and gracious beauty. My niece, Melina Middelkamp, is 19 years old and never been on a catwalk. Although she is shy in public, I was happy when she accepted, without any hesitation, to walk for my label. I love the fact that she embraces her body and blemished skin, she has a self-controlled carefree attitude when needed and I would like to see that more often among the youth in regards to their body image.

I received the official photos yesterday and I am so excited to share them with you! Each design is one of a kind, the materials that I used are my usual favorites (silk, leather, French lace, viscose) and everything was designed & sewed with a lot of joy, care and pleasure! <3

Photos © Jakob Urwanisch