Spring Salon

Last Autumn, I was contacted by my friend and colleague, event planner Jeannette-Renée Mang with the tempting proposal to organize together with costume jewelry designer Mascha Lina Borodin, an event celebrating the International Women's Day by presenting a selection of our craft and art.

Jeannette is the creative soul and manager behind Bellas Vienna, a small, exclusive shoes label selling handcrafted Italian mules. The Spring Salon event marks the label's official launch and I feel proud that I have the chance to join such a special anniversary. Mascha Lina creates since 2012 luxury costume jewelry, with a focus on earrings. I love her designs and creative capacity, she is absolutely fascinating.

The Spring Salon will offer me the opportunity to show you a selection of my leather handbags, dresses and hair adornments designs - a curated assortment of pieces that I adore.

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